Radioimmaginaria represents a group of young communicators, between 11 and 17, that creates an active community of media expression that broadcasts on the web radiophonic information contents, ideas and curiosities. The collaboration active in the years between Istituto Ganassini and Radio Immaginaria allows the foundation in London of the radio station. An international openness aiming at showing the importance of educational and training meeting among different cultures.



Istituto Ganassini S.p.A. always cares about women, their well-being and their beauty. Fortified by this feeling it decided to participate as founding partner and supporter in La forza e il Sorriso (in English The Power and the Smile), a free program of meetings for women that underwent oncological treatments that allows them to face the treatment side effects.
In an informal and relaxing atmosphere, the participants, about 6 in every two and a half hours workshop, participate actively in beauty workshops, designed in order to provide practical advice on taking care of their skin setting off their appearance thanks to the advice of professional consultants. A psychotherapist will provide psychological support and assistance for women during the treatment. Istituto Gnassini S.p.A. believes in this project because with its product it aims at helping women in releasing their natural beauty, whatever their situation is. In order to do that it invests a lot in research, because it allows to realise safe products to achieve a result that is not only aesthetic, but that becomes in this project a real “Elixir of beauty” for the spirit. The smile in front of the mirror and the power inside them.


Istituto Ganassini, encouraged by a profound and lasting social commitment against least fortunate, supports the action of the Amici di Gulu Association. The Association aims at supporting and promoting collective works and solidarity initiatives aiming at the promotion of the human being and the society in the developing zones of Northern Uganda. The support of Istituto Ganassini allowed the building of a school, dormitories, water wells and the purchase of means of transport suitable for the bad and rarely paved roads.


A thread of positive and solidarity energy creates a connection between Istituto Ganassini and Guri I Zi, a project of female micro-entrepreneurship in the textile industry that trains the women of the homonymous village in Northern Albania. The project represents not only a way out of poverty, but it is also a facilitation in order to improve the development and the self-sufficiency of local communities, helping in this way women in becoming the real protagonists of the processes of growth and development of their own country. Important goals have been achieved: access to employment and stable income for 70 women, continuing professional training, local training in management and development of social companies, widening of the distribution and production network and registration in the network of Albanian social companies.

Istituto Ganassini decided ti join forces with Accademia delle Belle Arti di Brera for the developement of "La Bellezza è Solidarietà" (Beauty is Solidarity), a social project in favour of the Guri i Zi Onlus able to turn art into a solidarity tool among

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Istituto Ganassini supports San Paolo Hospital through the project “Essere il mio corpo” (in English “ Be my body) “ : a round of meetings aimed to give support to women undergoing the difficult path of the diagnosis up to the treatment of oncologic diseases. A support that is able to give these women their own body back and their own femininity.

The project shall consist of various meetings regarding sensitive subjects, specific for the target group.

The skin is the organ through which we present ourselves and we connect to others. With the support of a specialist Rilastil women will learn how to gently take care of the skin with safe products improving the moisturisation, appearance and the elasticity, also with camouflage’s techniques. In this way they will begin a healing path, they will reduce the treatment’s effects and they will find themselves living in the world, having back their natural beauty, always alive despite the difficulties.
A path that helps women feel feminine even though the oncological disease threats the symbols. The restoration of the sexual dimension as a sign of personal and social wellness.
Through the awareness and the acknowledgment of the changes is possible to find a new way to relate with others and smile again, freely.


Opera di San Francesco and Istituto Ganassini: a help to men. Every day. Istituto Ganassini has a certainty: every minute spent on helping others is never a lost minute. A gaze of gratitude or a smile of thanksgiving last an instant, but fill the life.

Helping others is the biggest gift you can do and for this reason Istituto Ganassini, for over 20 years, supports the activity of Opera di San Francesco, an association founded in 1959 by the Capuchin Friars of Viale Piave, Milan. They are committed to satisfy the basic and real needs of people in serious difficulty.

The association, through the work of benevolent volunteers with a lot of passion and spirit of brotherhood, makes services of free assistance, welcoming, listening and protection available for poor people.

Some services of primary assistance are: soup kitchen, showers, closet, collection centre, medical clinic, listening, support and promotion of human dignity.

Istituto Ganassini, in addition to give a concrete help, shares a feeling of equality and behavior aimed to enhance and promote the dignity of the poorest, sharing in this way all the principles, criteria and tools of Opera di San Francesco.


Istituto Ganassini has always had a deep and rooted social commitment to the less fortunate realities. It supports the church community Medaglia Miracolosa of Milan.

The parish church has the aim to support and promote collective works and solidarity initiatives, created to promote human beings and the society, in particular:

-ORATORY: community and training centre, not only for children and young people but also for grown men which are volunteers that cooperate with priests in the management of various activities, as for example the Christian training. Greater is the presence of the adults, the more the priests have time to carry out their institutional functions aimed to the training, assistance and moral growth of young people.

- COUNSELING CENTRE: the facility is run by religious people and laymen that try to meet the needs of poor people, in particular they provide assistance for the solving of paperworks and social paperworks.

-CARE FOR THE ELDERLY AND THE SICKS. This one consists in two main guidelines: spiritual and moral welfare through regular visits of the priests and practical assistance regarding the solving of practical problems from the laymen volunteers.


Istituto Ganassini considers the experience of sport as a time of integration and social cooperation, confirming its action aimed to help people and in particular to the one that are disabled.

The support to FREEWHITE SPORT DISABLED ONLUS aims to promote, organize, enhance and give value to sport, in particular to the ski one among disabled people and to provide psychological support to these people and their families.